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Upcoming Litters

Montiero de Passamarias TAN
Barbadun Vel

Montiero and Vel had an exceptional litter last spring that received rave reviews from the field last fall. At 5 and 6 months old, their pups were hunting with intelligence and lots of nose. These pups will be the same. In addition, these pups were extremely sound in confirmation. We are excited to offer another litter of highly talented bird dogs for sale.

Andros de Buckley Creek TAN
Selah de Buckley Creek TAN

Andros and Selah are set to be bred in the spring of 2023. These should be some absolutely natural bird dogs with run and temperament. Andros is an seasoned veteran in Southern Arizona and has matured into an exceptional field and trial dog. Selah is one of the most natural bird dogs we've put our hands on and brings a mild demeanor that should make these pups your typical EB, built for home and field.

Montiero de Passamarias TAN
Sora de Buckley Creek TAN

Montiero and Sora is an exciting pairing! Montiero has proven time and again to produce highly driven bird dogs with a consistent type and temperament. Sora brings a power packed pedigree of dogs that have reproduced well in the US for decades. Her fist litter is one we look forward to with great anticipation. Featuring Euphrates de Plum Creek on both sides of Sora's pedigree married to the consistency that Montiero has produced and we are bound to wind up with some tough, capable bird dogs.

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