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Pruitt du Clan des Perdrix

Pruitt is a very exceptional young breton. He comes from the southern part of France, where the Aux Perdrix kennel has produced a line of Elite A dogs over the past 20 years. Pruitt's pedigree has Shun (Elite A), Best (Elite A), Mac (Recommended 4), and Minne (Elite B), all from de la Source Aux Perdrix as well as Cyrano de St. Lubin (Elite A) running on the top side of his pedigree. On the bottom are dogs such as Bayard dit Bono de St. Lubin (Elite A) and Real de la Vallee du Boel (Elite A) on his mother's side. Pruitt is a passionate, bird crazy and beautiful young pup. We are excited to see him develop and have high hopes for this young fellow!

Pruitt's Profile
  • Birthdate - 3/4/2019

  • Weight - 36 lbs.

  • Height - 50 cm

  • Sire - Mac de la Source Aux Perdrix

  • Dam - Loula du Domaine de l'Erisse

  • Pedigree

  • PennHip .53

  • Confirmed - 7/18/2020 by Bob Olson

  • AY Negative

  • Field Accomplishments

    • TAN​

    • WRT

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