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Sora de Buckley Creek TAN

Sora's Profile
  • Birthdate - 5/24/21

  • Weight - 33 lbs.

  • Height - 48 cm

  • Sire - Odin de la Trinite TAN

  • Dam - GUN Libnah de Triniy TAN

  • Pedigree


  • AY Negative

  • Field Accomplishments

    • TAN​​​

Sora is a welcomed addition to our kennel. Progeny of our kennel matron Libby, she will continue the line of that really started our world of Epagneul Bretons! Libby paired with Odin has proven time and again to produce wildly driven, personable bird dogs. With grandmother Euphrates de Plum Creek on both sides, we're excited to continue the consistency of that line in our kennel.

In her second season, Sora turned the fields of Montana and Iowa to fire. She really matured as a wild bird dog and found the drive that was so inherent in her mother. She found partridge, grouse and pheasant to start the season in Montana and really found herself in the late weeks of Iowa bird season. As evidenced in the pictures, Sora has a massive off-switch. She transitions nicely into a family companion and was our flagship dog at Pheasant Fest this year.

Sora will produce her first litter in the summer of 2023. We are excited to see what she can bring to the table!

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