Ida de la Source aux Perdrix

Ida's Profile
  • Birthdate -07/30/2013

  • Weight - 34 lbs.

  • Height - 48 cm

  • Sire - Shun de la Source aux Perdrix

  • Dam - Diam's du Lys de l'Aussonelle

  • Pedigree

  • Hips - HD-A

  • AY Negative​

Ida is from one of our favorite breeders in France, Gerard Dobes. His line of dogs, de la Source aux Perdrix, has become the base of our kennel. Ida's pedigree is one that really has us excited. She is the daughter of Shun, an elite A stud and has significant aux Perdrix blood through her mothers side as well. In addition, her grandfather Aldo des Sources Claires adds beautiful confirmation to the field trial blood she gets from Shun. 

Ida is exactly what we are looking for. Typical confirmation, beautiful expression and hard working. We are importing Ida in the summer of 2020 and she will come with puppies on board, bred to a stud with strong mentality and drive.