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Reservations and Details

Reservations and Cost

Reservations are accepted with a $200 non-refundable deposit that is taken out of the total purchase price. Total price for a puppy is $1700, unless otherwise noted on the Litters page. Reservations move in chronological order. All puppies will be up to date on shots and will have their tails docked per standard if necessary. We do not remove dew claws (explanation here). All litters will be dual registered with the AKC and UKC. To get your reservation started, please fill out the contract found here.


Puppies are named in accordance with the French naming system. For the year 2022, dogs will be named starting with the letter "T", followed by the kennel name (de Buckley Creek). For example, a dog born in 2022 could be named Torin de Buckley Creek.


Buckley Creek guarantees our puppies to be free of genetic hip defects for 26 months. This is primarily for Canine Hip Dysplasia. If a genetic hip defect is found and verified by a veterinarian with documentation of the microchip number, we will work with you to resolve the issue, typically in the form of another puppy. If the unlikely event that a defect is found, we will not ask for a return of your family member, however, we will require proof that is has been neutered or spayed. We also guarantee our puppies to be free of the AY gene. Any dog or puppy that is neutered or spayed before 2 years of age will void all guarantees.

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